Christina Heitmann

Christina Heitmann is a Stockholm based illustrator. She has 18 years of experience working with a wide range of clients, and her illustrations can be seen in magazines, books, brochures and advertising campaigns. 

Today she divides her time between illustration commissions and self-initiated work, creating illustrations for home accessories, stationery and wall art. Her products are sold through retailers in Sweden, Germany and the UK to customers around the world.

Her style is characterized by its simple lines, dynamics, attitude and playfulness. During the creative work process she 


likes to twist and turn an idea, finding unexpected angles and bringing it to a head.

Christina is driven to work with clients to fix problems and bring stories to life. 
She finds inspiration for her illustrations in the ordinary details of everyday life, contrasts, a nice cup of coffee and jazz music. 

Christina is a member of The association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers.