Tadaa! "Bubbles" 30x30 cm / 50x50 cm 🌟

Fiercley Female 2019 Calendar!

Super proud to be a part of the Fiercely Female 2019 Calendar from Sourcebooks with my Simone De Beauvoir illustration ✨💪🏼


Work in progress.

Space Rabbits

New wall stickers with designs from my Space Rabbits collection, available at Kismet Decals.  

In color! 🌈

4 new illustrations for Previa's handbook for a healthy and profitable workplace. 
Previa is Swedens leading company within occupational health care.

Activity based workplace

Activity based workplace

Walking meetings

Walking meetings

Digital work environment

Digital work environment

Management of accidents and crises

Management of accidents and crises

New sketches for Previa

4 new sketches for Previa´s handbook for a healthy and profitable workplace. 


My portrait of the Soviet partisan Zoja Kosmodemjanskaja in the latest issue of Historiskan, Sweden’s first women’s history magazine.

Work in progress ✍️ 

Sketches for the magazine Historiskan, Sweden´s first women´s history magazine.

Wall Stickers

Super fun collaboration with Kismet Decals! A selection of my illustrations are now available as wall stickers. Grab yours at: www.kismetdecals.com/collections/christina-heitmann


New mobile cases with designs from my YOLO!-collection, available at CaseApp  ☎️